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Khohar is very olden village situated in district Gujrat. It is almost eighteen kilo meter far from Sarai Alamgir. Nehar upper jhelum is its eastern side and the river Jhelum flow its western side. Khohar is divided into various "Mohallas" and "Dhoke". i.e. Dhoke Baba Hafiz Jee, Dhoke Shamali, Dhoke Baba Hussain Shah, Mohllah Maki Masjid, Mohallah Malkana, etc. Khohar devided into two main parts, Khohar Khurad and Khohar Kalan.

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Manhaj of Quran-o-Sunnat Research Academy

Quran-o-Sunnat Research Academy, ikhwan Ice Factory , Opposite Sadar Police Station, Tehsil Road, Jhelum

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